Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Its about time i posted some cards !

Hi everybody, what a day i've had !
The forum that i am a regular poster is closing at the end of the month. It was a shock when i heard the news yesterday and couldn't imagine life without being part of it as i have got so many precious cyber friends on there. Some of them i meet up with who live in my area but others who don't i didn't want to loose touch with. I'm pleased to say that one of the members decided to start a new forum so lots of people have been moving over today so thank you Lynn for all your hard work !

Thought you might like to see some cards i have made recently!

First one was made for my Mother-in law to give to friends for their Golden Wedding.  Thank you to Daizy-Mae from the imag-e-nation forum helped me with the gold initials !

Second one is a stitched card i made using a template i bought at a craft show, you prick the pattern in a circle and stitch very much like spirelly --i added a "moorhouse" decoupage of a boy and girl in the centre !


Third one was made using a embossing folder and then i used glamour dust on the embossing to highlight it !

Thank you for looking

Carole x


  1. Gorgeous cards Carole,I will miss our old site it is so easy.

  2. All lovey it is our 50th Soon. especially like the stitched one a real keepsake that one.Well Done You

  3. Lovely cards Carole, see the new forum has promoted me to look at more imag-e-nationers blogs. perhaps you would like to return the favour & follow mine??? No worries if not. x

  4. Hi Carole...cards are really lovely. What a shame about imag-e-nations forum...to be truthful I haven't been on it for quite a while but to be perfectly honest too was only thinking last night I should get back on there...story of my life eh!!! Who is it that's started the new forum...is it Lynn thats over here in Spain?

  5. Yes Maureen, Señorita Lynn is the founder with the hepl of a team of other. this is the link-

    Thank you for your kind comments all of you !

    carolerob x

  6. Really lovely cards Great seeing them

    Ive just joined the new forum too

    Liz xx