Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hi everybody !!
I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year with good health !! ( because i think that is the main thing) and everything you wish for yourselves !!

I hope to be a better blogger this year -- that is part of my resalution and try and make a post every day ! I would also like to try some of the challengers, they look so much fun and i think it must get the insperation going which is sorely lacking with me sometimes.  

My hopes for this year are that my nephew who is a marine stays safe! ---and all the others who are with him who are doing a very difficult job. Some are in situations that we can't possibly begin to imagine !!

For me -- I'm determined to be more organized in every area of my life -- will have to work hard at this - lol !
I also intend to eat much more healthily. I have said this before, but i lost 8lb in the later part of this year--- but then Xmas came with all its temptations --well we need a treat now and again lol. Now the holiday season is over its back to shedding some more. Its difficult for me as i'm not very active because of health reasons but i'm not going to let that be an excuse, i do feel alot better with a few pounds off and i think i'm not so sluggish when i eat better!! 

Now off to make some cards !

Thanks for visiting !

Carole x


  1. Hi Carole love your blog,love the cards you've made, take care love Dorothy

  2. Happy New Year Carole...your New Year resolutions are just about similar to mine eg doing more with my blog, organising myself more and dropping a few pounds weight-wise. LOL Just hope I can do it!! LOL