Thursday, 16 September 2010

Crafting with my Nephew !

My nephew David spent a couple of days with me during his school summer holidays, he enjoyed doing a bit of crafting with me besides watching telly and playing with his DS gadget :-) ...... David loves using my computer and wanted to try out my card making programs, this is the card he made for his friends birthday...the caption was his own idea --lol !

Isn't it nice to see boys interested in crafting .... he also loves tapestry which he did at school !!  .... but it would take second place to football, cricket, rugby .....and playing on his playstation ---lol !!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Carole x


  1. Great card obviously he takes after his Aunt

  2. hi Aunty Carole! Great picture and Iloved making the cards

  3. Hi David, it was nice to see you -- and your mam and dad in the Xmas holidays ! Also pleased you enjoyed being mention on my blog ---fame for you at last - :-)- lol!!! xx

  4. nice card! I love making cards too