Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Two more Stitched Christmas Cards

Hi, how many people have there Christmas decorations up ? I haven't even got the boxes out yet!

These latest stitched cards are a deviation from the norm for me, i usually stick to the more traditional colours but decided to use these lovelypeeloff stickers i saw at a craft show i visited recently! I also bought the templates i used for the stitching there as well.

Hope you like them !

Carole x


  1. Another two of your lovely stitched cards Carol...haven't done any of those yet but wait until I kickstart my mojo!! lol Thank you for visiting my blog by the way Carol and thanks for your lovely comments you left me. Been feeling a bit out on a limb in cyberspace lately so hope you visit me again you'll be welcome!!

  2. So pretty, love the stitching. Kim